Anushka Sharma

The recent Bengaluru mass molestation case has been condemned from all corners and many celebrities are coming forward to raise their voice against the menace. Anushka Sharma too posted a long message on social media to raise her concern over the matter. In her written piece, she has slammed all the bystanders who just stood there like a mannequin to watch the women suffer while she also has slammed the people who think that ‘short-skirt’ is the reason for all this menace. It was an eye-opener of sorts that showed the right path to the parents on how to raise their sons well. This is what she tweeted,


But then as criticisers are spread all over the social media, some Twitterati tried to troll Anushka Sharma for her post. A troll asked Anushka to come out and talk about casting couch in Bollywood rather than blaming unknown people.

Anushka had a fitting reply to give to this troll. She then posted,

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For all those who don’t know, Anushka has always been vocal about issues in film industry including the wage gap that female stars suffer as compared to their male counterparts. So at least put up a strong case, you trolls!