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Bappi Lahiri left the whole nation in mourning after he passed away on February 15. The nation lost another singing legend after Lata Mangeshkar passed away. Bappi Lahiri’s funeral took place on the next day of his demise as the family was waiting for the singer’s son Bappa Lahiri to return. In a recent interview, Bappa Lahiri said that Bappi Da wanted to come home from the hospital in his last days.

Bappa told ETimes, “He was in the hospital for a large part of last month. But every time I called him, he said he’s getting better. On Monday (February 14) he said he wants to go home; he kept saying ‘ghar chalo ghar chalo’.”


Bappa further said, “Next day, he was not eating. Things weren’t looking nice since that evening (February 15). Mom told him ‘theek hai baad mein thoda kha lena’. We had two nurses. He started feeling very drowsy. We called the doctor. It wasn’t a breathing issue. I think his heart just stopped. My sister, brother-in-law and mother rushed him to the hospital. The doctor had been called and he said that he needs to be taken to the hospital. They reached the hospital but he couldn’t be revived. I was on the phone all the time.”


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Talking about his family after Bappi’s death, the singer’s son said, “I still can’t believe that he is not around. I was his arranger. I used to do shows with him. There are so many memories. The love we are getting from everyone is unbelievable, my Dad was not just a musician or singer, he connected with everyone- right from a porter to a rickshawallah to every single soul.”

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