There have been many movies with the theme of music, but none on the lives of banjo players, who remain neglected from the growing levels of spotlight and fame that the professional rock band members enjoy. But, here comes the musical romance flick ‘Banjo‘ that depicts the lives of banjo players.


Actor Riteish Deshmukh as Taraat in the garb of a banjo player living in the slums of Mumbai, falls for a pretty musician from New York city, Christina (Nargis Fakhri), who is on the lookout for a group of banjo players to collaborate with them. She has been assigned a task to depict the sad lives of people living in the slums, by a research agency. Here’s how she ends up meeting Taraat, the banjo player, who is ashamed to reveal his reality to his crush.

The concept is not out of the box and neither are the dialogues. The movie seems to focus more on the lives of slum dwellers and Taraat ‘s fascination for this ‘gori mem’.

Let’s wait to see how the second half unfolds. Watch this space to read the complete review.

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