Argentinian footballer Diego Armando Maradona passed away on Wednesday, leaving his fans all over the world reeling with shock. The world has been in shock to lose such a great legend. Singer Babul Supriyo and television actor Nikkhil Arya are still in mourning over Maradona’s death.


Babul had met Maradona in Kolkata. The singer said, “The Prodigal son of God, who was God to we mere mortals, ruled the world with his left leg and probably got just one help from God – that goal against England where the referee erred !! You wish to call that poetic ‘justice’ against a Falkland War that many Argentinians believed was ‘injustice’ committed against them by the English just a little while before the 1986 WC? Don’t wish to say more on that topic but I think in that very game itself, with the 2nd goal a little while later, Maradona proved why he is widely regarded as the GOAT – Greatest of all time & I say this keeping both Pele and Messi in mind and I’ll tell you why. Pele had Vavá, Didi, Garincha in his National Team and yes, he did win 3 world cups (Taking nothing away from that) but he never played in Europe.”

Supriyo further added, “He erred as a human but he immortalized his art & that’s what makes him MARADONA. There will never be another one. Football will go on – so will the show and life but both Football and life wouldn’t have been the same without Maradona – without Maradona being part of our lives when we saw him live making the ball at his feet Alive & Talking. He never kicked the ball – he caressed it !! “


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Meanwhile, speaking about Maradona, Nikkhil said, “He was one of my greatest childhood heroes. Arguably, one of the greatest footballers who visited this planet. He is the reason why I am so greatly attached to sports, he made the game richer by his presence. That is why I call sports the greatest and the only true reality event that can ever exist. The world has lost a complete era of football, it is dead today,” he says, adding, “He was an inspiration, my entire batch grew up watching him. I remember each pass, each moment of that world cup. He is famous for the Hand of God goal. Unfortunately, today god has taken his hand away.”


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The actor says that Diego’s life post-retirement was quite turbulent. “He is a typical case of being so famous in his working years that that fame could not be carried after his retirement and he lived a very troubled life after that which eventually has caused his demise is what I think. I am very sad, may he find peace. Hand of God Diego Armando Maradona is no more and I know he had a troubled life! Adios Diego!” he signs off.

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