Shah Rukh Khan and Abram Khan

Shah Rukh Khan‘s youngest son AbRam, is already a star. He is so adorable that people can’t take their eyes off from this star kid. And no matter what, his charm is irresistible. Whenever we spot him, he is always in a cheerful mood and that’s what we love the most about him. As his daddy is currently on toes promoting his upcoming movie ‘Raees’, little AbRam is doing his best to spend time with him by accompanying him to various promotional events. Be it for interviews or his Dubai promotional trip, AbRam and SRK have been inseparable. But at the same time, AbRam did not join his daddy on his #RaeesByRail tour.

So when asked why so, Shah Rukh Khan was quoted saying, “I don’t know how inconvenient it would be, but I would have loved to take AbRam with me. He is full of fun. He was with me in Dubai and he enjoyed it. He doesn’t trouble me and everybody is kind to him including the media. He is used to paparazzi and used to being with my team and me. He has gotten used to people around me. He travelled with me to Imtiaz Ali’s set. He waves to the media. Last night I took a flight from Dubai and people wanted to take pictures with me. He wanted to be a part of every picture.”

How cute!


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AbRam sure seems to be a superstar in the making.

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