Anushka Sharma

Even though there have many male superheroes who have ruled the silver screens in Bollywood and Hollywood, everyone has longed to see a female superhero fight the evil on screens. Though we have witnessed quite a few gorgeous female superheroes in the west, in Bollywood however, that is still to be seen. Actress Anushka Sharma too thinks it will be amazing to see a female superhero.

Currently working on her home production ‘Phillauri’, Anushka reveals that she is planning new projects and would love to play a female superhero. She said, “I would love to do an action film and indulge in action sequences. There are a lot of ideas coming up and I write it down. My brother and I will discuss it and check it out.”


Speaking about making superhero films, she adds, “Are they interesting? Are they lucrative? Yes they are. But there should be something different which you are adding. I think it will be kickass to watch a female superhero.”

When asked if she has ever been offered Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Krrish 4’, Anushka said, “I have not been offered ‘Krrish 4’ at all. And a lot of times my name gets attached to films which I don’t even get approached for. Then, somebody else is doing the film and stories so, ‘Oh, some is doing the film over Anushka.’ It is ridiculous that we have to keep clarifying it.”

Don’t you guys think Anushka will make one really amazing superhero? Fierce and totally badass.