Anurag Singh Hanumaan

Anurag Singh, who has directed Punjabi films like ‘Punjab 1984’ and ‘Jatt and Juliet’, etc. is all set to make a big-budget Bollywood flick tentatively titled as ‘Hanu-maan’.

Talking about the film, the director said, “It’s a superhero film that marries mythology with modern technology. Without delving into ancient concepts, we’re re-inventing the morals he stands for.”


The movie will be produced by Junglee Pictures, and Anurag has met Priti Shahani, President of the production house two years ago. He said, “She called the concept a ‘clutter-breaker’ and though we discussed other ideas, she kept coming back to this one. Now, it’s like we are both realizing our dream.”

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He further said, “More recently, ‘Baahubali’, even though not a superhero film in the true sense of the term, was an extraordinary success because the director merged Indian grammar with contemporary technique. For any superhero film, a classic tale needs a modern retelling. That said, you can’t copy Hollywood in terms of scale because we don’t have that kind of money. So you have to match them with your storytelling.”

The cast of the film is yet to be finalized.

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