Anurag Kashyap

‘Bombay Velvet’ director, Anurag Kashyap has always been vocal about the things that have an effect on the society. Using social media as the medium, Anurag has always raised his voice against the menace that prevails around him, the recent one being the attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of ‘Padmavati’ in Jaipur. Anurag opposed the Hindu extremists for their violent behaviour and received backlash too. But in his latest post on Facebook, Anurag has given it back to all the those who are trying to curb his right to liberty.

He states,

I have been standing up for things since the faceless and voiceless didn’t have the social network to form a mob . It does not matter what you say or do, attack me physically or verbally, I will voice what I feel. You mobs don’t scare me, my voice will always rise over your screaming and shouting, I embrace my truth and I do not fear accusations. I have been taught to have the liberty to utter, argue, question freely according to my conscience above all liberties and I will always take that right. You don’t define me, I and my work does and that definition can be anything but it will be always be mine. I will succeed or fail but both the success or failure , in whatever measure they come will be mine. I have been taught to engage and question those that govern us and I have been doing that since I was a student and V P singh was the PM , followed by Congress and now BJP. I have been taught that your PM is the head of the state or country , who you can question , seek answers, argue with but never fear him, because you chose him and he represents your well being. If one has to fear him than that’s sad. Respect can not be demanded it’s commanded. It’s earned. It does not deter me from asking and engaging. I have zero political affiliation. So all of you are welcome to say, scream shout whatever you want. I believe in my constitution, my rights, my liberties and I will take them and exercise them when I deem fit. So thank you for all this intense passionate love that you send my way, you are not going to stop me.


Talking about the incident that took place on the sets of ‘Padmavati’, it was carried out by local organisation named Karni Sena as apparently, they thought that SLB was distorting historical facts about their beloved queen Padmavati in the movie. Post the incident, the filmmaker has decided to not shoot in Jaipur again. (Also Read: Karan Johar gives it back to the person who tries to troll him and Anurag Kashyap)