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Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol opened up about their pregnancy struggles in a video recently. The couple, welcomed their first child, son Veer in November 2020. They were blessed with a baby boy on November 1 and shared the happy news with fans immediately. In a video now, Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol spoke about the time they lost a baby in surrogacy. The couple mentioned that they faced pregnancy struggles for almost four years since 2016. They revealed they tried several different methods like surrogacy, IVF and even Ayurveda.

Speaking on their YouTube channel, the Vivah actress said that they were ‘going in and around the gynaec’s clinic’ for three years. She mentioned how Anmol and she were advised to go for IUI first. Recalling her reaction when the doctor suggested they opt for surrogacy, Amrita said, “Frankly I was like hann hann mujhe pregnant nahi banna padega na, theek hai (I wouldn’t get pregnant right then it’s okay).”


Opening up about surrogacy further, Rao said, “Of course, there are many factors that the baby will get a lot of qualities of that surrogate mother and not what the original mother can give to the baby.” Later, Anmol recalled the time when the doctor shared with them that the surrogate mother was pregnant. He recalled the doctor telling him ‘the baby has a ‘heartbeat’.


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However, Anmol further shared that Amrita and he were informed that they lost the baby, a few days later. Recalling the day, Anmol said, “It still breaks my heart.” Amrita added, “Aspiring parents, I don’t think you need to be so emotional…This is not in our hands.”

Later, Anmol and Amrita even opted for IVF after taking some time, but nothing happened. They mentioned going for IVF for the second time, but getting no results. Talking about the experience, Amrita said, “Every time the nurse used to come to give me those hormonal shots I used to hate it. They were painless but I used to hate it.” She added, “After that, I decided not to do IVF again.”


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Amrita and Anmol also visited a temple and an ayurvedic doctor in the four years. The couple then mentioned having thoughts about if they should have a child, and if its important, after the struggles. Anmol mentioned he started thinking they will not a baby.

Eventually, in March 2020, the actress said she felt “kuch toh horaha hai yaar (something is happening).” The couple had travelled to Ko Samui in Thailand, for a holiday in that year. After some tests, Amritaa and Anmol got to know they were pregnant.

Speaking with Bollywood Bubble, the Vivah actress had revealed why she kept her love-affair with Anmol a secret. “So, it was definitely not easy. Although social media was not there, the pap culture was not there, but it was still, for me, I knew that I was in a place, in an industry where even if one person gets to know, aag lag jaegi,” she had said.

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