Amitabh Bachchan

The recent murder case of a 21-year-old teacher in North Delhi has shook the country. The young woman, named Karuna was stabbed nearly 30 times by her stalker of one year in Burari area on Tuesday morning, in full view of the passers by. The video that was captured in the CCTV cameras has been doing the rounds of the internet and has caused a huge uproar amongst the people of the country.


Superstar Amitabh Bachchan who was recently a part of the movie ‘PINK’ that dealt with issues pertaining to women in our society voiced his concern over the growing number of cases against women every single day.

He spoke about the incident during a promotional event for ‘PINK’. He said, “I have seen that video… It’s a bad incident. Society has to change. We have to keep trying. Everybody just says that ‘this is not my job and I am not interested in it’. A lot of people are afraid to help somebody because they feel they will be victimised in the police station. They don’t want to get involved,” However, he also stated that things are slowly changing and the laws too are being made stringent. “But all these things are changing. The law is changing. I think people, when the moment they see some disaster, they are not liable to be questioned, if they bring that person either to the hospital or the police station. When something happens on the road, most of the time people just drive past because they feel scared. But now there is a lot of understanding and laws are also changing.”

We just hope that the entire film fraternity comes in support of these incidents and that the Government takes note of it to make the laws stringent.

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