Alia Bhatt

Bollywood’s newbie actress Alia Bhatt is the face of Maybelline India. The hot youngster was seen at the recent Google+ chat and meet & greet event for the brand. Alia looked super hot in a white Deme by Gabriella full length dress. This look of Alia’s at Maybelline’s meet was quite unique.


As per sources, Alia looked enchanting in white full length dress. The cut pattern of her white dress was stunning, The neckline was a lawyer pattern style that she carried it off well. The long white dress also had a cut in the center which featured her toned legs. To add colour to her white dress, Alia paired it off with sandals from Zara that were of three colours – orange, black and white. Also a metal cuff from Forever 21.

With a sleek hairstyle, tangerine lip colour Alia’s look at Maybelline’s meet was something womanly other than her tom boyish style she is usually seen in.


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