Choreographer Saroj Khan recently showcased foot-in-mouth syndrome thanks to her controversial comments on the existence of casting couch in the Hindi film industry.


Interestingly even young and bubbly actress  Alia Bhatt while promoting ‘Raazi’ accepted that casting couch does exist in the industry. However, the actress also stated that she luckily never had to face any such uncomfortable situations in her career so far. She even admitted that it’s not just girls who face this problem as these days boys too are becoming a victim of the casting couch.(Also read: Radhika Apte & Usha Jadhav open up on sexual harassment in Bollywood)

While suggesting how such problems can be solved the actress said that first and foremost the victim should disclose and discuss everything with their family and if the need arises then they should definitely file a police complaint.

Well, we applaud the actress for at least admitting that evils like casting couch still exists in Bollywood because a majority of star kids of her age generally refrain from talking or commenting on such sensitive issues.

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