Akshay Kumar

Another movie becomes a victim of ‘Death By Wednesday’. The first movie was Besharam and now it is Akshay Kumar’s prestigious project Boss that didn’t make a killing as expected. At present thanks to a new trend in Bollywood everyone is vying for a holiday releases and hunting for a maximum screen release. But this plan of releasing a movie on a Wednesday has backfired and caused a loss.

According to sources, “Boss grossed around Rs. 11.50 crore net on its first day as per early estimates. The figure is decent for a normal day but not for a holiday. The film had to collect Rs. 15 crore net or more as it was a holiday and with a Rs. 11.50 crore net first day number it makes the mid-week release a mistake as the film now will see two days with low collections.”


It all comes tumbling down when the opening isn’t great and the word of mouth is underwhelming. The traditional three-day weekend then becomes five days, which puts that much more pressure on the film.

Hope filmmaker realize their mistakes and go back to tradition of releasing movies on a Friday.