Akshay Kumar Tweets thanks to all his fans for their love

Akshay Kumar feels truly blessed, of all the love given to him by his fans. The actor who had been on a vacation was overhelmed to hear on his return home that a boy had walked all the way from Haryana just to meet him.


As per sources, Khiladi Kumar took to Twitter to share this emotional episode with his fans and also thank them, “(I) Was informed by my frantic staff that some boy has been camping outside my house since the past five days waiting to meet me. I met him now and came to know the poor guy has come to Mumbai on foot, all the way from Haryana! It took him 42 days to get here.”

He further added,”I was bewildered yet happy that someone would do this for me. Thank you to each one of you for making me feel so special in your own little way. Stay blessed.”

Well looks like Akshay is the one blessed to have such a fan following.