Ajay Devgn Shivaay first look

The Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn made news with the first look of his upcoming film ‘Shivaay’. The Singham of Bollywood was sporting a number of tattoos on it. He already has a tattoo of Lord Shiva on his chest. And he also got his daughter Nysa’s name tattooed there a few years ago. Now we hear that Ajay Devgn is all set to ink his sons name on his chest.


Ajay Devgn confirming the story said, “I have Nysa’s name on my chest for a while now. Earlier Yug was too young to make sense of my tattoo or the fact that I had his sister’s name written across my chest. But now my son is four years of age. And he is smart. He keeps telling me, ‘Papa, shirt nikalo aur didi ka naam dikhao.’ Before he asks me, ‘Dad, why haven’t you put my name on your chest, I am going to add the alphabets UG to my existing tattoo. The ‘Y’ in Nysa is already prominent. All I need to do is to add ‘UG’ to it and this should complete Yug’s name.’

The actor was actually planning on getting this tattoo done before he flew off to Bulgaria for the ‘Shivaay’ recce. However, since that was not to be, we hear he will get it done on his return in July.

So will it be wife Kajol name next on the list? We’ll wait and watch.

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