Ajay Devgn and Prabhu Dev

The southern import  director Prabhu Deva can be the  one to give a big competition to Aamir Khan in perfection, it seems that the director took his star Ajay Devgnn  to shoot a particular scene for his next ‘Action Jackson’ to Wai for a day. The scene in question was to be shot in Film City, but Prabhu was not happy with the location so the decision to move onto another location.


As per sources,  “everything was set and it was just a day’s work. But at the last minute, Prabhu Deva decided to shift the location to Wai and his leading man Ajay stood by the director’s decision. He took a chopper to Wai. The crew had left a day in advance.As soon as Ajay reached the location, it was ‘Lights, camera, action’ as they wanted to wrap up the shoot in a day’s time. The scene was shot with minimum retakes and Prabhu at the end of the day was smiling ear-to-ear.”

Well hope all that hard work will reap benefits at the Box Office. But we know that Prabhu Deva is known as the man with the magic touch.