Sonam Kapoor and Narendra Modi

The attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali by the self-proclaimed protectors of culture named ‘Karni Sena’, has shocked one and all. From Bollywood to commoners, people are condemning this act of physical violence that was completely uncalled for. Rumours are also rife that SLB and team will soon be exiting Jaipur and rather create a set in Mumbai and complete the shoot.

While the whole film fraternity has stood by Bhansali in condemning this, Sonam Kapoor has gone a step ahead. The lady has tweeted to PM Narendra Modi and implored him to intervene.

Sonam tweeted on a last year tweet of the PM, saying, “A gentle reminder sir… a couple of days after republic day if we as an industry have to deal with such humiliation for expressing ourselves, it’s frankly very disheartening. Please stand up for us. #Padmavati”


This was the tweet of PMO, which he had posted last year.

PM Narendra Modi's tweet


And this was Sonam’s gentle reminder on the same.

Sonam Kapoor to Narendra Modi

Well, we really condemn the violence that took place on SLB. While peaceful protests are a part of any democracy and constitution, being violent has never been an admirable trait of the same.

We really hope that the miscreants come to their senses and stop spreading hatred in the name of culture.

‘Padmavati’ stars, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, and Deepika Padukone too have expressed their shock and displeasure on the incident.


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