Abhinav Kashyap and Salman Khan

Talented director Abhinav Kashyap considers himself fortunate to have a gifted sibling like Anurag, from whom he learnt the art of film-making. He also admitted that he’s always lived under the tutelage of his elder brother and acclaimed filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, but his record-breaking directorial debut “Dabangg” helped him come into his own.



Abhinav’s second film ‘Besharam’ did not do well at the Box Office and he says the reason was the “mixed reviews”.  “After ‘Dabangg’ people had an expectation from me, and I guess I was not able to meet up their expectation. That’s what went wrong with ‘Besharam’. People who love me were expecting something different from it. But the outcome was not as expected; so they were harsh with the movie.”

Speaking about the Salman Khan-starrer, ” Jai Ho” that too failed to lure audience, the director feels that the public has finally reached a “saturation” level where Bollywood masala movies are concerned.”That’s the message that is coming. I guess the audience now wants more than masala films. It might have saturated. Cinema is growing at a faster pace and things are changing every day. So it’s difficult to judge.”
Abhinav who has also written down the scripts of Dabangg and Besharam is at present working on a romantic drama.