Aamir Khan Working Out For Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan has acquired a new quirk, of checking his body mass index before having his breakfast, to see if the diet recommended to him so as to maintain a lean look is working or not.


No need to get concerned, there is nothing wrong with his health but as we all know the Perfectionist Khan has always been particular about his looks , remember Ghajini and how hard he had worked to maintain that look , the same is being done for his Dhoom 3 look.

According to sources, “Aamir has been quite particular about maintaining the beefy look for his movie. Aamir is not new to bodybuilding. The result of working out diligently for a year was there for everyone to see in Ghajini. But for his next film, he needs to sport a lean look and be on the top of his agility. He checks his body fat content everyday.”
Well looks like a new avatar of Aamir Khan will be seen in Dhoom 3.