Aamir Khan

At the recently held Golden Globes award ceremony, Hollywood star Meryl Streep moved everyone with her emotional speech. A part of her speech was directed to Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential elections. Many Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and all came out in support of Meryl and pulled potshots at Donald Trump. Later, there was a discussion on same that even Bollywood celebs should come out in open and speak like Meryl without any fear. Well, Aamir Khan, seems to have quite a diplomatic opinion on this controversy.

When asked about Meryl Streep vs Donald Trump saga, Aamir was quoted saying, “We can’t expect only celebrities to work upon a cause, all of us ought to play a role. Each of us has a role in the society that is what makes us a society. Whether you are a celebrity or you are not a celebrity, all of us have a responsibility towards the society.”

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His opinion does make sense though!


In the past, Aamir has faced immense flak for presenting his views and opinions on topics that matter to the country. The most recent one being the intolerance controversy that he got mired in and suffered backlash from many people for the same.

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