Aamir Khan with Sachin Tendulkar

The marketing genius Aamir Khan is up with yet another unique marketing idea for his upcoming movie ‘Dhoom 3’. Aamir Khan who is a die-hard fan of ‘The Master Blaster – Sachin Tendulkar’ says Sachin is the pride of India and has created Dhoom in his entire career and so is dedicating a song¬†‘Dhoom Machale’, which is the title track of ‘Dhoom’ franchise, to Sachin.


“Sachin is the embodiment of the collective pride of India. He provides us with hope and inspiration, and makes us feel good about ourselves. His retirement will leave an empty feeling in all of us. But today we should celebrate his spectacular innings as a cricketer, as a human being, and as an icon,” Aamir said in a statement here.

“Through his entire career he has created DHOOM in every step, on every pitch, in every cricketing country, in every bowler’s nightmare, in our hearts, in every cricket field across the world, and in the hearts of every cricket fan across the world, so we dedicate our song ‘Dhoom Machale’ to the genius,” he said.

The song will be dedicated to Sachin before he starts playing his last cricket Test match in Mumbai.