'Dhoom 3' my toughest role so far - Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is quite excited about his next action flick the very popular Dhoom series.He will be depicting the role of a villian in it for the first time in his career.But Aamir states that he is not playing the typical Bollywood Baddie. Aamir Khan is playing the role of a clown thief  jn the third instalment of Dhoom series and has the lovely Katrina Kaif paired opposite him .


As per sources, Aamir said,”When I heard the script I loved it…it touched me. The villains in Dhoom series are different…they are not the regular villains. I am not playing a black kind of a villain who does only bad work…He has his own circumstances and situations to do things. I am not playing a quintessential villain.”

He further added,”In 25 years of my career, this is the toughest role ever. There were challenges in terms of performance. The stunts were amazing..Luckily I haven’t broken any bone. The stunts were difficult but they were safe.”

Knowing the Perfectionist that he is,  his fans are eager to watch his new avatar of ‘Sahir The Clown Theif.’