No other comedian has been able to make us laugh as hard as Johnny Lever did. He is the greatest comedian Bollywood has ever witnessed and no matter how much ever we try, it is hard to find his replacement. But, did you know that the man who brought happiness to the lives of so many, has lived quite a traumatic life? He may have witnessed all the glory and fan following like other Bollywood stars, but we surely know that the man has righteously earned everything that he has achieved.

We stumbled upon a video of Johnny Lever wherein he has narrated his life journey. He has recalled how his life was in the slums of Mumbai and how his son battled tumour. The comedian states that happiness was quite away from him and despite making people laugh with his antics, he was not a happy man. He also narrated how his son suffered from a tumour in neck and how doctors refrained from operating on him as it was risky job to do. It was only when he connected with Jesus, Johnny Lever decided to get his son operated in New York. This testimony reinstates our belief in divine power.  (Also Check: 10 times when Jamie Johnny Lever proved that she is as talented as her father)


Here’s the video we taking about.

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