Films and controversies go hand in hand, don’t you agree? Films are a creative medium and invariably there will be differences between director, actor and other unit members. Now, according to reports, Arshad Warsi starrer ‘Fraud Saiyaan’s director Sourabh Shrivastava has opted out of the film due to creative differences.

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According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Sourabh Shrivastava arrived at this decision after realising that the film shaped up in a different way than he anticipated it to. “It was done under the supervision of a veteran filmmaker whose work I respect immensely. But I want to state that this is not my film anymore. This was not the script I pitched and we had agreed on,” he said.

‘Fraud Saiyaan’ sees Arshad Warsi portraying the role of a fraudster and it is quite a laugh riot. In the film, Arshad has as many as thirteen wives and multiple affairs with women around. Arshad Warsi took to his Instagram account and released the teaser of the film.

Veteran filmmaker and producer of the film, Prakash Jha was disappointed with the decision of Sourabh and said, “We are very surprised at Sourabh’s comments because he has been the maker of the film and has done a good job. The film has shaped up really well. We are happy with the final product. All the technicians, writers and everyone associated with the film is busy promoting the film and looking forward to the release. We have no idea why he wants to disassociate himself from his own hard work.”

As of now, ‘Fraud Saiyaan’ is expected to release on January 18, 2019.

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