Trust Rakhi Sawant to be in news for all kind of weird reason and she will never disappoint you. The actress is in news again alongwith TV star Sara Khan for making comments on why men should wear ‘Burkha’ instead of women.

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In a video, which has gone viral on social media, Rakhi Sawant and Sara Khan are offering their advice on how men should be the one wearing burkha and not women. In the video, Sara Khan can be heard saying, “In Muslim community, people always ask women to wear burkha why they don’t ask the men to behave properly? We women have given birth to you(men). If we were not there, how would you come to this world?” . Sara questioned the sexist and patriarchal mindset of Muslim men.

Rakhi Sawant then jumped in the conversation and said, “I will make them wear burkha.” To which, an excited Sara reacted, “Exactly, let’s make them blind (Saalaon ko andha kar do).”

The whole controversy over burkha erupted when Sara Khan did a video where she is seen naked. The comments made by Sara and Rakhi should be taken in a good spirit. The actresses were stating the truth where women are often subjected to hypocrisy and double standards by men. If we have learned any lesson from the #MeToo movement then please stop blaming and questioning the victim.

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