Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s wedding took the country by storm, with people waiting eagerly to see the first glimpses of the married couple. Soon after, Deepika and Ranveer shared their first official marriage pictures online, the internet went into a frenzy and celebrated their union.

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However, amongst all this happiness, the news of Anil Kapoor being upset with the couple came up. It was reported that Anil was rather upset with Ranveer for not inviting him to his wedding. For the record, Ranveer Singh’s paternal grandfather and Sonam Kapoor‘s maternal grandfather are siblings, which makes Ranveer and Anil family relatives.

The report stated, “Anil Kapoor is upset with the fact that even after being a family member, he wasn’t called for the wedding.

However, Anil recently cleared all the rumours and expressed his happiness on the couple’s union by tweeting, “That’s one good looking couple right there! May those smiles never leave your faces! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, love & togetherness! Lots of love coming your way!

Check out his tweet below:

We are glad that Anil is happy as we love the chemistry that he and Ranveer share, and we want to see more of it in the future.

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