Tanushree Dutta, who triggered the #MeToo moment of Bollywood has received huge support from the A-listers of the film industry now. Several actors and industry personalities have come forward with their opinions and #MeToo stories. Filmmaker, Karan Johar who had so far never said anything on the entire issue, has finally spoken on the movement.

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Karan Johar, who is otherwise known to give controversial statements has finally chosen to speak up on the current Me Too movement. Keeping the context of harassment cases, Karan while hosting the radio show ‘Calling Karan’ said, “So how do you get consent? You ask for it! You have to ask, ‘Are you ok with this?’ or ‘Do you want to do this’. It’s important for people to understand both, the verbal as well as the non-verbal communication they get from someone they are with. These are the basics; basics that we often tend to forget. When you come close to someone when you’re about to get intimate, how can you not ask for consent?”.


KJo went on further to explain, what counts has an harassment. He said,”Sending someone pictures of your private parts is also not cool! Kissing someone or touching them inappropriately while they’re drunk, is not cool. Persisting with flirtatious texts, even after someone has explicitly expressed discomfort, is definitely not cool! You must respect the boundaries that others set for you, and that’s precisely what you ask for consent, and always respect the answer”.

The filmmaker has also clarified saying, “Sex minus consent equals sexual harassment! That’s the math, and it can’t be any simpler. And hence, it’s really important to keep asking the question, and always respect the answer”.

Well, though he spoke on the issue a little late still he has got a point. Don’t you guys agree?

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