Earlier today, we came across reports of a female junior artist being molested on the sets of ‘Housefull 4’. The women alleged that a man molested her on the sets of the film. She also said that actors Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh were also present on the sets when the incident took place.

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The victim told ANI, “I was sitting with a colleague when suddenly two men Pawan Shetty, Sagar and four others came and tried to take away my colleague forcefully. They also threatened. I tried to stop them. Shetty started pushing me and touched my private parts. I’ve filed a molestation case. I want him behind bars.”

Now responding to the women’s allegations, executive producer of ‘Housefull 4’, Manoj Mitra said, “It is disheartening to hear about this incident. As an Executive producer, I would like to clarify that the recent incident that showed up in the news related to the sets of ‘Housefull 4’, is something that evidently didn’t happen on the sets or during the shoot; it took place off the sets and hence I have to state that it is beyond our capabilities. I would also like to clarify that Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh had packed up way before this incident occurred. It was their personal matter and nothing related to our film shoot.”


Meanwhile, Raman Dave who is the head of the dance talent company who provides dancers for shoot said, “There was some argument between the boys which happened post pack up outside the set. The girl tried to save one of the males who was her friend. She tried to stop the fight but unfortunately, it was a heated argument and during the course of this fight, the boys happened to push her away to stay out of the fight.”

“We have learned that the argument was between the dancers and Pawan Shetty (who is an outsider) and nothing to do with our film. I had left from the shoot but my set attendant Sandra was there on the set and even she has mentioned that nothing happened on the set. All the details reported about this incident failed to be true and it did not happen on our sets,” he added further.

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