The #MeToo movement has created a storm in B-Town. Several celebrated names have been named and shamed publicly. In fact, eminent production houses have dropped the alleged offenders from their upcoming projects. Filmmaker Sajid Khan, who was directing the upcoming comedy film ‘Housefull 4’, was dropped from the film after several women accused him of sexual misconduct.

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However, Sajid has refuted all the allegations made against him and urged the media to not pass any judgement until the truth is out. You can check his statement here:

Now actress Jacqueline Fernandez, who was once rumoured to be dating Sajid Khan, finally opened up on the  #MeToo movement and the controversy surrounding it. The actress said, “It’s very important to remember that gender dialogue is a conversation that’s long overdue and let’s not limit it to our film industry. It’s a dialogue that has been long overdue in our society as well. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that sexual predators are all around us.”

She further added, “They are sometimes in our own household so, we should not deviate from the actual issue which is not entirely about sex but about the power struggle. And we really have to stick to the issue and be serious about it, if we want solutions and if we want to have a safe workplace for everyone and for society.”

You can watch her entire video here:

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