In the showbiz world of Bollywood, nothing is permanent. In this industry, everything is fickle and there are no permanent friends or enemies. Gone are the days when actors used to be genuinely appreciative of their contemporary’s work. Nowadays its difficult to find two stars who truly support each other. Earlier people used to meet their friends at least on their birthdays but these days just a birthday post on social media is all they do for each other.

In this digital age, everyone is so busy increasing their followers and gaining likes on the social media pages that no one has the time to spend time with their friends. Reminiscing about her good old days,  actress Preity Zinta recently shared a throwback picture on her Instagram handle. Now you must be wondering whats so great about it. Well, guys, the picture features some of the best talents of Bollywood.

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In the picture, Preity, Rani Mukerji, Priyanka Chopra are flanked by Arjun Rampal, Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Sharing the picture, Preity gave it a very heart-warming caption, “Those were the days when there was no social media and we all liked each other ! Today we like each other’s comments but hardly have time to hang out like this! #Temptationtour #Toomuchfun#ThrowbackThursday #Madness#Happiness #Friendship #Ting”(Also read: Preity Zinta clarifies her stance after taking a dig at Mumbai Indians dismissal from IPL 2018)

Check out her post below:

The picture is from the star’s Temptation tour and it feels really good to see these stars together in one frame. Out of all the stars, Arjun Rampal is unrecognizable but he is nevertheless looking cute. We wish each of our B-town stars keeps treating us with such wonderful throwback pictures.