Sofia Hayat, who made headlines for kicking out her Romanian husband Vlad Stanescu, recently opened up on her miscarriage on Instagram.

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Former Bigg Boss contestant posted several pictures and videos of herself, celebrating her after-miscarriage body.

“I Love my body at every phase and respect it at every phase..I love my cellulite..I love my belly..I love it all..Loving it makes you look after yourself more. If my body wants to stay at this be it..but I am back eating healthy and working out..which I stopped because of the pregnancy,” Sofia wrote on one of her Instagram posts.

“Womens bodies go through so much. I honour every woman because you have had to put up with so much scrutiny..judging yourself..being judged! You were not meant to all look the you…be you in every way you want…I was a nun..they critisized me..I was an actress..they critisized me..I was skinny..they critisized me..I was wearing a bikini..they critisized me..but you know what…they do not matter! They are full of so much self loathing they project it ignore them! After having a miscarriage and pushing out my lying partner..I feel like I can breathe again..and honour everything I have been the strong yet gentle and loving and incredible woman I AM. So here is to all of those women out there who have gone through heartache..misscarriage and being judged! Be what ever you are NOW! Love and honour it!!!,” she added.