Indian TV soap queen Ekta Kapoor is involved in a twitter war of words with a Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie for mocking Indian soaps. A recent video of the Swedish YouTube comedian-producer titled ‘You India You Lose’, has gathered mixed response from the netizens.

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He seems to have watched a few scenes of Ekta’s popular show ‘Kasam Se’ and took potshots at the editing. He pointed out that the quality of ‘Kasam Se’s title track is quite bad. He also mocked scenes from Rajinikanth’s ‘Robot’.

This angered Ekta, who took to social media to slam the Swedish YouTuber in a series of tweets.

Ekta was called rascist by the netizens but she continued to slam the YouTuber. (Also Read: Ekta Kapoor’s journey is a lesson for students)

It sure seems that this Swedish YouTuber has found his nemesis in Ekta Kapoor.