Jacqueline Fernandez met a car accident last night at around 2:45 am at Carter Road when she was returning home after a small get together with the ‘Race 3’ team at Salman Khan’s galaxy apartment.

According to a report in SpotboyE, “A small get together sort of party was organised for the Race 3 team at Salman Khan’s residence which started at around 10:30 pm and continued till the wee hours in the morning. Jacqueline, who was also a part of the celebration, left the party at around 2.20 am in the morning. Just after going a little further from Salman’s residence, her driver smashed the car to an auto-rickshaw.”

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In the mishap, the car’s headlights were damaged but fortunately, no one was injured. Jacqueline confirmed that she did meet with an accident and assured that she was totally fine. “Yes, it did take place. The rickshaw driver was drunk. We will soon give out an official statement. Yes, we are fine. Police came and sorted it out,” she said.

The ‘Race 3’ team has flown to Jaipur for the last leg of the film.