I Am Woman, an event and awards ceremony that celebrates the inspiration of women was created by Karan Gupta Education Foundation and IE Business School three years ago. Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen was honoured with the I Am Woman award recently. The Diva, says that to be born as a woman itself is a huge award.

During her interaction with the media. Sushmita said, “I think the fact that I am born as a woman itself is a huge award in my life. And then to have an organization like Karan Gupta Education Foundation which holds prestigious and inspiring awards for women and recognizing them from different field… is really amazing.

“They are pioneers and inspire women the way forward for generations. For them to give me an award, it just feels lovely because they have named it as ‘I Am Woman’ and I am a big believer of the concept of ‘I Am’ so, it’s a lovely connect. I am very privileged and honoured that they thought of me.”

Speaking on the rising cases of rape in the country she said, “I have stopped giving my opinions on these issues because what happens is that we talk and protest a lot for a certain period but we don’t come up with a concrete outcome on these issues. (Also Read: Hot and why not! Sushmita Sen’s post workout abs are grabbing our eyeballs)

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“In the entire world, including our own country, there are unfair and unjust things happening. That is not a new thing but after that we have the option of two things, first is that, we can forget things just by feeling sad about it.

“Another is that, we can set an example who can inspire people. There are men in our country who help and support women. So we have to highlight them instead of highlighting people who commit such crimes. That’s what we are trying to do here. I hope that helps.”

Sushmita, also an actress, shared her thoughts for India’s future generation.

“It’s very done to death statement that ‘children are the future’ and the ‘youth have the world’s power at their hand’ and they have to decide the way forward. But it is the truth because the choices which we are making today and making them at a time when you are not an 18-year-old like me who didn’t have Google, YouTube and the social media,” she said.

“Their opinions are going to shape the way things move forward. So, they should make it look good by not losing themselves in social media and social structuring. They should find themselves and get out and change it.” she added.