Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has completed a decade of writing his blog, through which he stays connected with what he calls his “extended family”.

“10 years! April 17, 2008, a few words went out to the world of the airs and in the waves of connection some of them carried a recognise of them and sent some sentiments back and the next and the next and the next and 10 years went by,” Big B wrote on his blog.

Of his fans and followers, Big B said: “I knew no one and neither did any of you and then we all came to know each other and built a home the warmest and most hospitable in the entire world. Does 10 years need celebration? Why 10? Why not 11 or many more or other?” he said. (Also Check: Amitabh Bachchan feels indebted to fans)

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Big B says the “harmony of togetherness” is the “ultimate celebration”.

He fears when his writing does not garner much response from fans.

“It is not just the continuity of my writings, it is also the continuity of your feelings as well when you do not respond. I fear there has been a loss. A loss is unbearable and so it remains constant,” he said.