For long, the reports of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone getting married are making it to the headlines and of late, these rumours have gained a lot of momentum. From a secret wedding in Switzerland to the month in which they would be tying the knot, a lot is being said about by the gossip mongers. But it’s time to put all of it to rest as the clarification has come from Ranveer himself.  (Also Read: Ranveer Singh is smitten with Deepika’s ‘Nainowale’ avatar)

In an interview with Spice Route magazine, Ranveer has clarified that both of them are quite busy this year to tie the knot.

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He has been quoted saying,

“It is the function of speculation – to exist. Nothing is official till it is made official and I am not a seer. I cannot say this will happen on this date in the future. Right now we are both extremely busy working. Besides, she is also recuperating from back problems. So we are quite occupied and distracted. So, if there is any announcement in the future, you will be hearing me shouting from the rooftops.”

Ahh… we are eagerly waiting for that announcement.