He is witty, classy, warm, sassy and what not. Yes, we are talking about Karan Johar and no one else. The filmmaker might be a father figure, a close buddy, a genuine friend or a gossip partner to his industry friends. But summing up for one and all, he is an inspiration to many peeps out there.

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Today, Karan’s followers crossed 20 million on his social media accounts (inclusive of Instagram and Twitter) and so in his own amazing style the star greeted one and all. But then he being himself, he just could not go the simple way, see his tweet below.

We loved how the stylish filmmaker did not go the bland and boring way, but instead added tadka to his wish tweet. While he thanked all his fans on social media, at the same time, he did not miss out to also mention about the people who hate him. Isn’t it the ‘KJo way’, done just right? (Also Read: WATCH: Mahira Khan gives a Ranveer Singh tadka to her ‘UP Bihar lootne’ performance)

We so hope that the number of followers on the star’s social media accounts peaks higher and higher. Congratulations KJo!

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