With ‘PadMan’, Akshay Kumar managed to educate the masses about a topic that was frowned upon, but was the need of the hour. Akshay’s this movie spoke about menstrual hygiene, a topic discussed only in whispers. But his efforts have borne fruits as the State Government of Chhattisgarh organised a workshop to talk about menstrual hygiene with girls. Zareen Khan was the chief speaker here. (Also Check: Watch: Akshay Kumar backs the re-release of ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’)

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While talking about this initiative by the Government, Zareen quoted, “I am humbled to be invited for such an important cause. It is a great initiative taken by the govt and I am more than happy to create awareness through my speech. Thanks to Akshay Kumar who has showcased the cause so beautifully through his film ‘PadMan’ and the govt for taking it up.”

Well, like Zareen we too are thankful to ‘PadMan’ for bringing forward a topic so crucial.