Ali Zafar is one charmer, we tell you. He not only gives his everything when he is acting, but also has beauties drooling over him and his mesmerising smile And, why not!

Across the border, numerous fans adore Ali for his singing. In ‘Dear Zindagi’, which happens to be his last released Bollywood film so far, songs sung by him became a rage. (Also Read: Cute guy-next-door to a hunk, Ali Zafar’s transformation is drool-worthy)

So, Ali has taken to his social media platforms and shared a video wherein he is seen walking across lush green fields and singing his heart out! The video is taken in the part of Punjab that comes within Lahore, Pakistan.

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“Someday you’ll only find me here doing only this,” he wrote.

If that just made you fall for him, we don’t blame you!