Mumbai, a few days back, saw one of the most powerful mass march in a long time, as over 40,000 farmers from across Maharashtra walked to Mumbai to make the State Government and bereaucrats hear their plight.

Incapacitated by lesser infrastructure and natural calamities, unable to repay loans and devastated by a cruel colour of poverty, thousands of farmers resort to suicide every year. But as they showed the most disciplined form of protest, Mumbai stood by them, and so did the prominent figures of film fraternity. (Also Read: The kisses don’t stop as Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao celebrate his birthday with the media)

The protestors walked to Azad Maidan post midnight as they didn’t want the city traffic to collapse or cause a problem to the SSC examinees. The gesture was widely appreciated.

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As superstar Aamir Khan celebrates his 53rd birthday today, he said he’d like to help the farmers whatever way he can.

“We, the urban people should understand their problems and associate ourselves with them if possible,” he said.

“In last three years, Paani Foundation has tasted a lot of success. We hope to grow it even bigger. If People living in big cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Nasik etc, involve themselves more in the issue, they can go to villages and lend their support to villagers and work together. And I think that will be a very beautiful experience also, for all of us,” Aamir added, when asked how his organisation is working on water scarcity.

On this note, a happy birthday! 🙂