Sridevi, India’s first female superstar, left too soon and was laid to rest amid heavy hearts, explainable grief and deep respect. Days after her death, Bollywood stars are still mourning the loss. (Also Read: Adieu Miss ‘Hawa Hawai’! When Sridevi danced to it at IIFA and mesmerised everyone)

After Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan penning down emotional posts post Sridevi’s sudden demise, Priyanka Chopra wrote a heartfelt tribute to the icon, for an international magazine. In the piece that sounds like straight from her heart, she credits her becoming an actress to Sridevi.

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“She was my childhood, and one of the big reasons I became an actor. To refer to all of us as mere fans would be a disservice to her. When the news first broke of her passing, I was immobilized. All I could do then was listen to songs from her films, revisit her interviews and watch her iconic scenes over and over again. I knew I was not alone; millions were feeling that exact emotion of shock and loss,” Priyanka wrote.

“Everyone wanted her and wanted to be like her,” emphasised the actor.

Read the full letter here.