On 24th Feb at 11 pm, actress Sridevi passed away in her hotel room in Dubai. Soon, reports of her suffering a massive cardiac arrest started making the rounds of the internet. However, the real reason for her death was revealed in the autopsy report last evening which stated that traces of alcohol were found in her blood and she died due to accidental drowning in the bathtub.

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That doesn’t stop the investigations as the Dubai Public Prosecutor started with further investigations. There have been reports of her husband Boney Kapoor being interrogated for hours on end. However, in a latest turn of events, as stated in Khaleej Times, Boney Kapoor wasn’t called for the investigation on Monday as has been stated. Sources from Dubai Police have called the media reports claiming so, to be baseless and untrue.

On the other side, India’s Ambassador to UAE, Navdeep Suri has tweeted that it won’t take them more than 2-3 days to complete the processes.

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Talking further about investigations, the cops have been questioning the hotel staff. Sources in Dubai said that if required, the Dubai Public Prosecution would ask for another post-mortem report on her body. The cops have also been examining Sridevi’s call records. Her medical records from India have also been sought. (Also Read: JUST IN: Dubai Public Prosecutor not satisfied with Sridevi’s autopsy report, further investigation to follow)

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, here are the latest visuals outside the Kapoor household.