Actress Sridevi’s sudden demise in Dubai came as a shock to many. The whole nation was mourning her death but what followed next has left many in dizzy. Earlier when the news broke, it was reported that the actress at the age of 54 died because of the cardiac arrest. But later on, the autopsy report revealed that Sridevi had died because of accidental drowning.

Post this revelation the Indian media went haywire with their out of the world theories surrounding the actor’s demise and many reported that Sridevi’s death could be a case of foul play. This has left not only us but even the celebrities aghast at the kind of bizarre coverage Sridevi’s death is receiving. Many Bollywood celebs took to Twitter to expresses their anguish and displeasure at what the news channels had to say about their iconic star.

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Well, looks like the theories run by many media channels are not going down well with the celebrities and they feel that the late actor’s  death shouldn’t be the topic of discussion for TRP and numbers. Don’t we totally agree? (Also Read: Sridevi case update: Boney Kapoor not interrogated by Dubai Police)

Watch the space for more update on Sridevi’s funeral proceedings.