A couple of days back, a video of singer Papon from sets of a reality show went viral. He allegedly molested a 11-year-old female participant. Following the controversy, the concerned channel removed him as one of the judges. (Also Read: Papon CLARIFIES on the controversial video of him kissing a minor female contestant)


While the social media stands divided on the same, fellow singer Shaan has spoken up; however, many find his statement not enough tasteful.

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Shaan took to Twitter to defend Papon and wrote, “My stand is on assumption that it was a wrong angle and the kiss was not on the lips…”. However, he later deleted the tweet.

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This certainly hasn’t irked great reactions. The fact that Shaan deleted tweet proves that he is aware of it. Papon, earlier, posted a very long clarification defending himself, on his social media handles. Read it below.