This girl, Priya Prakash Varrier, is giving me a difficult time, offline and online. Men I like, like her. Men I don’t like, like her. And men who I thought didn’t like women, also seem to like her! It almost feels like she is mocking me!

Meanwhile, the East India Comedy guys have brainstormed and made this priceless video. Ever imagined how would SRK, the king of romance, react if he saw this new winking girl the nation is crushing over?

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No? Then watch the video below.

Well, even though the scene is from the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’, and Deepika’s scenes have been edited out to include the viral ones of Priya, latter still gels in well enough. After all, that’s what the reaction of guys all over the country are, right now. (Also Read: Not just the Viral ‘wink girl’, here are the ‘wink queens’ of B-Town who’re ruling our hearts)

Had a good laugh? You’re welcome!