‘Kedarnath’ is surely one of the most awaited films of the year. The movie will mark the debut of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara Ali Khan. However, looks like we won’t get to see Sara on the big screen this year.


Reportedly, there’s a tiff between director Abhishek Kapoor and producers KriArj Entertainment and T-Series due to major financial and creative differences. It is said that Abhishek has been interfering in the producers’ financial decisions and has also been delaying the film. Reports also suggest that the movie has gone over-budget and that is because of Abhishek’s unprofessionalism and the fact that he as a director is disorganised.


An insider has stated , “KriArj Entertainment and T-Series decided to come on-board since they believed in the film and in Abhishek Kapoor’s vision. However, as ‘Kedarnath’ unfolded several issues pertaining the dates of the talent, prep time and delays in the film’s delivery began cropping up. Abhishek replaced several of the crew members and technicians at the very last minute. Despite investing a huge some of funding into the project, ‘Kedarnath’ was going way over-budget owing to Gattu’s constant unreasonable demands. He not only delayed the shoot of the film by six months but also majorly interfered in the film’s financial planning and overall business workings. Abhishek also demanded that a higher price be quoted for the music rights and this despite T-Series being music moguls and being the best in the music industry.”


“Deciding a film’s release date should be the producers call since they are the one’s investing huge sums into the project. However, Abhishek interfered in that as well and went on to announce a release date on Twitter without consulting KriArj Entertainment who were against releasing the film on the same date as ‘Zero’. There were also rumors of Abhishek Kapoor not allowing KriArj to sign Sara Ali Khan for another film they were in talks for and pressurised the studio to drop the film. It came to a point where the makers refused to put up with Kapoor’s arm twisting. For now ‘Kedarnath’ is on hold until everything is clear on papers,” added the source.

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Earlier too there have been reports that ‘Kedarnath’ won’t release this year, even though director Abhishek Kapoor had tweeted that it will hit the screens on December 21, 2018. It did surprise us as SRK’s ‘Zero’ too is announced to be releasing on the same day. Plus, the fact that only Abhishek and none of the other official handles tweeted the same, also tickled our brains.

With all this brewing, we wonder what will happen to Sara’s debut venture. (Also Read: EXCLUSIVE: Will ‘Kedarnath’ be pushed to 2019 to avoid clash with SRK’s movie?)