Sonu Nigam is surely controversies’ favourite. Last year, he was in news for bashing mosques who play Azaan on loudspeakers. Then recently, he was in the news for stating that he doesn’t like National Anthem being played in theatres.

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Well, his tweet about Azaan had surely created a lot of problems for him and many religious groups were very upset with the singer. And now, according to a report in Times Now, a fundamentalist group is plotting Nigam’s assassination.

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Reportedly, Mumbai Police has been alerted by Maharashtra’s Intelligence Department that the singer’s life is in danger. The reports suggest that Sonu Nigam can be attacked at a public place or at an event. Thanks to the reports of the singer being attacked, police has given him special beefed up security. It is said that his safety is the extreme priority right now.

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Well, we hope that the singer stays safe and fine.