Amidst all the praises and accolades, it was yesterday that a hard-hitting opinion on Sanjay Leela Bhansal’s magnum-opus ‘Padmaavat’ grabbed the eyeballs. Actress Swara Bhasker shared her thoughts over the film and even though she praised all the stars and their performances, she honestly accepted that she felt like a ‘vagina’ by the end of the film. She made some stark statements and how she felt like watching the film.

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This did not go down well with some who later bashed her for having such thoughts. Some questioned the kind of roles she does in her films, namely that of a prostitute and a dancer, while some had a problem with her using the word ‘vagina’ in her blog/review. But let us tell you that the actress who did not shy away from sharing her thoughts of the film despite her thoughts being different from the rest, had a bang on answer for all. (Also Read: Padmaavat movie review: This visual spectacle with rich performances will win you over)

Well, there were some who also appreciated her thoughts.