After such a long wait, Shah Rukh Khan finally made us acquainted with his dwarf avatar. The teaser of his upcoming film ‘Zero’ was released recently and we were left stumped to see SRK in it. His fans went crazy and social media kept bustling for the day with praises falling in from all corners. But do you know, there was one Hollywood actor who was the lucky one to see the teaser months before it got released. (Also Read: ZERO: Twitteratis reacting to SRK-starrer is a hilarious treat you can’t miss!)

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According to a column published in Open Magazine, it was none other than Hollywood’s greatest actor and Shah Rukh Khan’s good friend Brad Pitt who saw the teaser of ‘Zero’ first. Reports suggest that when Brad Pitt was in India in May, 2017 to promote ‘War Machine’, Shah Rukh Khan showed him the teaser of his upcoming film.

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How cool is that! We love this bonding between Hollywood and Bollywood.