Salman Khan had appeared in Jodhpur court today for the hearing of his blackbuck poaching case. The hearing today was for the final arguments, and had been going in trial court since September 13.

The actor’s counsel HM Saraswat confirmed that they were there today for the final arguments. It is also said that Salman was a bit tensed and was emotional during the hearing. But, he preferred not to speak as his advocate was there.

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It is said that Saraswat argued on the video in which the eyewitnesses had given their statements. According to Saraswat, in the video, the official noting the statements was copying from a paper lying on the table.

In the last hearing two eyewitnesses had identified Salman as the man they had seen with a gun at the crime scene. Well, Salman had earlier claimed that he is not guilty in the case.

Let’s wait and watch what the final verdict will be in this case. (Also Read: Salman Khan Blackbuck Poaching Case: The actor appears in Jodhpur court today)